Marcus Budig Story

Marcus Budig is currently the Owner Operator of Northwest Metal Works, an Artisan Metal Company.

Marcus Budig's Biography:

Formerly, he was the Finance Manager for Smart Age Solutions (SAS), an online jewelry marketing agency. Marcus has worked at Evergreen Tree Care as office staff, Hills resort as Marina Manager, and Holiday Christmas Trees as a Salesman. Other Miscellaneous Jobs include Door to Door Sales at Evergreen Tree Care, Front Desk at Hills Resort, Bar Back (restaurant), Busing (restaurants), Farm Help at Papa’s Place Farm, Shop Help at Commuter Cars, Tutoring accounting at St. Francis College, and Office Staff for Dr. Frank Macchiarola, who was the chancellor of St. Francis College.

Marcus has his Bachelor of Science in accounting as well as Masters of Science in Financial Accounting from St. Francis College in Brooklyn. While at St. Francis Marcus served as President of the Student Government Association and was awarded MVP of their cross country team.

Description: What does Marcus do

I create works that reach emotions at the personal level… Thoughtful artistic pieces meant for my customers and friends.

The mediums I usually work with are metal and wood. I sometimes also work with candles, soap, plastic and interior design. Other skills I do are event management, process management, and bookkeeping. I thrive on contributing to meaningful experiences for as many people as I am able to reach.

Talents and Hobbies:

  • LOVES to water Solemn Ski
  • Solve the Rubix cube every time in less than 90 seconds
  • Distance Running
  • Sailing
  • Traveling
  • Camping
  • Anything with water